Shared Table Food Pantry

A range of free and heavily discounted groceries.

We stock heavily discounted groceries

There is something for every one here at the Shared Table Food Pantry. Our ever changing product is heavily discounted to provide support to you and the greater community. All proceeds go towards buying more product for the shelves, and more hamper to be given out to those in need.

Most food stocked in the pantry and for hampers is purchased from Foodbank

We encourage you to shop here and support our mission.

Free fruit & veggies

Every Friday, we offer a vibrant assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables, absolutely free of charge.

We believe everyone deserves access to healthy food, and we’re committed to supporting our community by providing this vital resource.

Free bread for our community

Feel free to come by and take what you and your family need. We understand that schedules vary, so outside of our shared table operating hours, we leave the bread on a convenient table on the verandah of the hall. You are welcome to access it at your own pace, whenever suits you best.

Please take only what you need, so everyone has the opportunity to enjoy this generous offering.


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